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Core Faculty

PCCS core teachers lead morning devotions and instruct so that the material is engaging, understandable, and challenging to the students. On any given day of the school term, you can see these teachers model Christian values, encourage creativity, foster mutual respect, and pursue academic excellence with their students. Because PCCS values smaller class sizes, our teachers are able to become familiar with each student's strengths and identify difficulties to help them achieve and bolster confidence. In accordance with our accreditation standards, PCCS core faculty are educational professionals who demonstrate their diverse experience and educational backgrounds through Bachelor's degrees, Teacher Certifications (Private Certifications or State/Public Certifications), or Graduate Degrees (Doctorate, Master's, Graduate Certification in Learning Differences), as well as a few Educational Paraprofessionals supervised by certified faculty and administration.

In addition, Adjunct Instructors with evidence of expertise in a particular course's field of study diversify and expand our educational offerings, which accreditors have commended because students have the opportunity to see that course skills can lead to career options in these fields. Examples include pastors and church Bible study leaders for Christian Character-Building courses, lawyers for speech classes, criminal justice, and government classes, seamstresses for sewing classes, artists for art classes, club coaches and former/current athletes for athletic teams, welders for welding class, and musicians and music teachers for piano, choir, guitar, voice
, and percussion classes. Other courses offered by professionals sharing their skills include Karate (Christian Soldier's 2nd/3rd degree black belts), Car Care 101 (auto repair specialist), Dance (professional dancing instructor), Grab Your Tools class (handyman), Digital Photography (career photographer), and Health (certified health coach). PCCS continues to seek Adjunct Instructors such as this to offer fresh opportunities for students to gain real-world instruction from these professionals!

STAFF/FACULTY EXPECTATIONS: We realize that the key to a successful Christian school is its staff and faculty. In addition to other expectations noted in our school's Staff Handbook, we expect our faculty and staff:

  • To have received Jesus Christ as his/her personal Lord and Savior.

  • To believe the Bible is God's infallible Word and standard for faith and daily living.

  • To be a Christian role model in attitude, speech, and actions. This includes being committed to conservative Biblical standards of morality, including but not limited to avoiding adultery, fornication, and homosexual relationships.

  • To be a regular attendee of a Christ-centered church.

  • Show by example the importance of Biblical study, prayer, and unity in the body of Christ.

  • To agree with the school's Statement of Faith (see Core Values under the "About Us" tab).

  • Possess the spiritual maturity, academic ability, and personal leadership qualities to "train up a child in the way he should go".

  • Demonstrate the character qualities of enthusiasm, courtesy, flexibility, integrity, gratitude, kindness, self-control, perseverance, and punctuality.

  • Continually strive to implement the mission, core values, and common goals of the school.

  • Recognize the role of parents as primarily responsible before God for their children's education and be prepared to assist them in that task.

  • Model and integrate Biblical principles in each subject area and in all activities.

  • Motivate students to accept God's gift of salvation and help them grow in in their faith.

  • Use a variety of establishes teaching techniques, motivational strategies, instructional activities and appropriate supplemental materials to achieve curriculum goals.

  • Model continuous professional growth and reflect on personal performance.

FACULTY EMPLOYMENT: See CONTACT FORM, above right. Applicants should send a cover letter (including a brief faith testimony) and a resume to:

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