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PCCS offers a challenging core curriculum undertaken at a reasonable but challenging pace.  Faculty and Administration partner to carefully evaluate curricula options for each grade, including a focus on "research-based curricula" (also known as "evidence-based curricula") and scope and sequence for sequential core classes rather than personal curricula preference of individual teachers.  (Click on the links shown below to read more about select curricula)


  • MATHEMATICS: Primer - 10th grades utilize Big Ideas Mathematics, an empirically research-based mathematics program that offers both textbook-based and digital support to ensure students build a strong math foundation in anticipation of ACT/SAT/TSI entrance exams.  11th and 12th graders have two track options for math:  Dual Credit College Mathematics (e.g., College Pre-Cal, College Algebra, College Statistics, College Calculus) or TEA-approved Junior and Senior Mathematics (e.g., Pre-Calculus, Financial Mathematics, TSA-Prep Math). Math studies are supported by digital resources/online educational enhancements:  Big Ideas digital platform as well as XTRA Math, Math Lab for dual credits, and research-based ALEKS Math for 6th-12th supplemental practice and formative and summative assessment.  Pre-Primer (K-4), new in August 2023, will be using Frog Street which includes literacy builders, math skills development, problem-solving, and considerable hands-on learning along with fun social studies and science. As with all curricula, content was reviewed to ensure it comports with Christian sensibilities.


  • ELEMENTARY ENGLISH/LANGUAGE ARTS/READING (ELAR): PCCS K-4 through 2nd grades utilize the research-based curriculum, Super Kids, which integrates reading, phonics, grammar, spelling and writing instruction and offers supplemental assessments and practice through Super Kids Online.  Grades 3rd and up learn to become strong writers through the Empowering Writers curricula which also has digital resource hub. The Christian curriculum, ABEKA, introduces a comprehensive and Christian-based grammar program to our students. PCCS uses SRA-McGraw Hill’s Open Court Reading & Phonics, a program endorsed by the National Reading Panel and ranked in the Top 7 by the National Federation of Teachers for 3rd and up. Since its incorporation in 2002, PCCS recognized that handwriting instruction and practice meets several educational objectives and cognitive milestones through A Reason For program, a scripture-based program developed by Concerned Communications. Membean, a research-based online digital platform--an online educational enhancement for 6th-11th graders to promote college-bound vocabulary supplemental practice and formative and summative assessment.


  • SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES/HISTORY: Research demonstrates that many secular history and science textbooks have been altered over time and contain bias or simply do not comport with Christian principles--PCCS is committed to offering a Christian curricula in all elementary classes (ACSI's Purposeful Design for Elementary Science and BJPress Heritage Studies for Social Studies).  Middle and High School students enjoy learning history through the Christian curriculum offered by BJ Press Heritage Studies (7th-11th grades) and ABEKA U.S. Government for 12th graders.  PCCS utilizes a challenging Christian curriculum, Apologia, for upper science. 


  • UPPER SCHOOL ENGLISH LITERATURE: The classic literature curricula offered by Prentice Hall in addition to supplemental classic novels form the instructional focus for our college-bound upper school students in English. PCCS' curricula committee sought long and hard to find a multi-dimensional writing curriculum to sequentially build the writing school from elementary up.


  • WRITING: PCCS emphasizes developing writing skills early through the P-2nd grade Super Kids Program and then through the Empowering Writers curricula for 3rd - 9th grades. 10th graders take our Research & Writing course to prepare them for MLA format scholarly papers required for the Dual Credit 1301 college composition course on the 11th grade schedule.   Third grade utilizes Abeka Grammar with an introduction to Shurley Grammar as a transition curricula between Super Kids in 2nd grade and ABeka Grammar in 4th-6th grades. Writing instruction in 7th - 9th grades is supplemented with NoRedInk grammar practice. Literature in middle and high school integrates essay writing and critical thinking skills. Each 11th and 12th grade Dual Credit English student must complete a scholarly research paper each semester as a TVCC college credit requirement. In addition, 12th graders, in order to graduate, must also prepare and present a Senior Capstone to the school's leadership team in May.  See the bottom of this page for links regarding additional curricula research.


  • CHRISTIAN CHARACTER BUILDING BIBLE & CONNECT: These courses are offered in the morning as regular core courses. These classes focus on providing a foundation in the Word of God and include a Primer - 6th grade Bible curriculum called ACSI Purposeful Design.  7th - 12th Bible/Connect classes build upon what they have learned as young people and review the Bible from Genesis forward with application in discussion groups each week. CCB Electives include a variety of Biblically-based courses using a multidenominational curriculum such as A Girl’s Guide to Discovering her Bible/A Girl’s Guide to Making Really Good Choices; A Boy’s Guide to Discovering her Bible/A Boy’s Guide to Making Really Good Choices, A Young Woman after God’s Own Heart; A Young Man after God’s Own Heart, God’s Priorities for your Life, Lies Young Women Believe and the Truth that Sets Them Free; Checkpoints:  A Tactical Guide to Manhood, Growing All the Wiser Wisdom Tips from the Book of Proverbs, Discover your Destiny: Making Right Choices in a World; Staying Christian in College.



SEMESTER ENRICHMENT ELECTIVES - A POPULAR SCHOOL HIGHLIGHT: Each semester, PCCS posts it Enrichment Electives Week-at-a-Glance (WAAG) preview for students in all grades, Primer - 12th. In total, there are more than 200 courses listed on a semester WAAG. Students in Primer - 6th have one period each day, Monday - Thursday to make elective choices, while students in 7th - 12th have two periods for each day for which they select electives.  Electives are offered near the end of the school day:  7th period (Primer - 5th grades), 8th period (6th - 12th grades), 9th period (7th-12th grades), and 10th period/after school (all grades for private music, theatre, cheer, athletics).

  • Examples of electives offered include Christian-Character Building, Mission Trip, Elementary Tech courses including Keyboarding and TechnoCoding, Tech courses for older students (e.g., Digital Awareness/What Would Jesus Post?, Excel, Powerpoint, Prezi, Minecraft Teaming, Graphic Design, Digital Signage, Animoto, Honors English/Government/Math, Dual Credit Social Sciences, P.E. courses including Archery, Power Walking, Athletic Teams, Holy Yoga, Elementary Soccer Skills and Elementary Basketball Skills, literary circles, Life Skills Courses (e.g., Sewing, Sheep to Shawl, Car Care, Grab Your Tools, Life Skills I/II, Adulting, Teen Talk), Fine Art courses (e.g., Painting I and II, Drawing I and II, Competition Art, Theatre Sets & Design, Lettering, Trash to Treasure, Knitting, Red Hats Project), Events Planning, Music (e.g., Music Appreciation, private music lessons--piano, voice, guitar, bass, ukelele, drums, Elementary Chorus, Vocal Ensemble, Praise Band), Entrance Exam Prep-SAT/ACT/TSI, Creative Writing, Language & Culture (e.g., Russian, Brazil, Mexico, Columbia), Comparative Religion, College & Career, NASA Then & Now, Study Skills & Organization I/II, Yearbook, and Tutoring. Another popular elective is Christian Soldiers Karate, a martial arts program originally created for churches and piloted at PCCS as the first school to offer it 15 years ago. It is recognized by the American Martial Arts Association and has graduated more than 25 black belts, some of whom have become instructors or 2nd degree black belts. On average, more than 50 PCCS students in grades 2nd & up participate in Christian Soldiers Karate. Elective offerings freshen each semester based upon teacher, parent and student input.


The PCCS vision extends beyond a traditional classroom model. Our Support Services Program offers educational interventions to students who struggle with learning differences (excluding Special Education which is beyond the scope of the PCCS Support Services program). We seek to meet the needs of students in 2nd-12th struggling with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, focus, auditory and/or visual processing, memory, sequencing, fluency, working memory, and executive functioning.


Our Support Services program launched in 2002 with demonstrated success over the years as a product of sound interactive & multi-sensory teaching strategies integrated with well-recognized curricula designed to help struggling learners. We seek to assist students to reach their potential and are eager to make adjustments when a student’s learning style warrants it or as a student’s needs change over time. Click here for more information about this program.

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