Poetry Community Christian School

Est. 2002; Fully Accredited 2006

PCCS Fast Facts

  • Fully Accredited, SACS/AdvancEd
  • More than a decade in operation
  • Exceeds national standards:  Nationally normed achievement score average for the school in the top 15% of the nation; high school top 9% (see Academics tab for details)
  • 250+ students in K-12th grades
  • 21-24 Dual College Credits offered for high schoolers, including four courses in English, Spanish, Psychology, Sociology with more to come!
  • 30+ faculty teaching in areas of expertise
  • Affordable tuition (less than monthly daycare rates)
  • Challenging top-10 college-prep curricula
  • More than 50 enrichment elective offerings each semester
  • LINK Lab Program for students needing small group or individualized instruction for learning differences
  • Reasonable weekly schedule with more family time (Elementary/JH:  4 campus days; High School 4.5 campus days + online instructional enhancement hours);
  • Multi-denominational Christ-based campus
  • Service-learning & Missions!
  • Parent Partnership Program for operational support, affordability, and parent involvement
  • Diverse extra-curricular activities
  • Strong Athletics Program
  • 9.6 acre full-service campus:  Facilities include plenty of green space with an Upper School, Elementary School, Decade Building and Multi-Purpose Building with regulation-size gym and baseball/softball fields (construction 2016-17)
  • Bus shuttle to Rockwall & Terrell
  • Graduates attend a wide variety of college & universities
  • Reasonable Dress Code

An affordable, accredited and Christian education through Poetry school

Poetry Community Christian School is a K-12th option offering something for everyone:  affordability, accreditation, 18:1 teacher-student ratio, college-prep programming, teachers qualified in their disciplines, district and state champions in sports, Christ-centered environment, large campus, up-to-date facilities and media, learning differences support, 50+ elective choices per semester, and parent involvement.  These were key characteristics important to the school’s founders when it opened in 2002.  The school’s recent re-accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS/AdvancEd) revealed the school was exemplary in parent involvement, integration, and communication as well as meeting all standards of the organization related to financial management, leadership, faculty credentials, educational programming, college & career support, learning differences support, admissions, and more.

     Parents seeking affordability will be pleasantly surprised at Poetry’s monthly tuition rates which are less than most pay for day care (ranging from $308-$421 per month).  The school is able to offer such reasonable tuition because of its Parent Partnership Program.  “PCCS contractually requires a minimum of five parent partner hours per month for each child enrolled toward operational support such as housekeeping, traffic monitoring, athletics, recess and lunch monitoring, and campus maintenance,” said Anne Horan, the school’s president and administrator.  The school reports 1800 parent partner hours per month which keeps overhead down and ensure parents are plugged into the school.

     Parents seeking educational excellence will find it at Poetry.  The school is unique in offering college prepatory programming as well as a separate program, the LINK Lab, designed to support students who have various learning differences.  To gain admission, students must take a pre-admission test to ensure they are ready for the upcoming school year.  “Our pre-admission testing is based upon national standards and challenging curricula,” says Mica Pryor, Admissions Director.  This testing reveals academic proficiencies and may reveal academic gaps from prior educational settings or even learning differences that can be addressed through summer tutoring, school term tutoring, adjusted grade placement, or assignment to one or more LINK Lab classes.  These measures ensure that student performance meets national standards.  This is confirmed each May when students take the Stanford Achievement Test, a nationally-normed test, which has revealed a nine year school average in the top 15% of the nation.

Parents seeking diverse educational programming will see many options for their children.  The elementary students focus on mathematics and English during their morning schedule, while upper school students schedules cover mathematics, English, foreign language, history, and science.  The school partners with Trinity Valley Community College to offer 18 hours of dual credit.  “Our dual credit program gives our high schoolers a head start with a semester of college completed before they graduate from PCCS,” reports Becky Florsheim, the school’s college and career counselor.  The afternoon’s are comprised of more than 50 enrichment electives courses chosen by students each semester including honors English, Christian Soldiers Karate (more than 60 students enrolled), lit circles, physical education and athletics, Dave Ramsey money management for teens, drumline, musical theatre troope, puppet team, sign language, Powerpoint, SAT/ACT prep, photography, college & career planning, webtastic, claymation, archery, home ec, Texas Stream Team, and various art classes (e.g., weaving, pottery, drawing, painting, design).

     Parents will find a strong athletics program at PCCS.  The school offers sports that the students have interest in and where the teams will excel including girls volleyball (varsity, jv, and jr high), boys basketball (varsity, jv, jr high and elem), golf, baseball, softball, and track & field.  In the last few years, the school has gained the TCAL district, regional and state championships in varsity volleyball and the district and regional championships in basketball.  Track team members hold championship medals in the 400m, 800m, mile, shotput, 4x400m relay, 4x200m relay, and the 200m.  Several students/alum are also Junior Olympians. Under the National Archery in Schools Program, our certified instructor, takes students to local matches and invites schools as far as Louisiana to compete on campus. Our Athletics leadership will report that academics take first place at PCCS, but that athletics play an important part of student life in promoting and developing sportsmanship, healthy competition, and God-given abilities. The school is currently working to develop the 3.5 acres purchased behind the school for a competitive baseball and softball field.

     Campus Details:  The school expanded its 11,000 sq. foot Multi-Purpose Building to include an additional 3,750 sq. feet of space to include vo-tech rooms, tutoring room, a dance/music studio in addition to the Athletics Program offices, Christian Soldiers Karate studio, performance theatre, concessions/kitchen, and gym. During its decade anniversary in 2012, the 7,500 square foot Decade Building was completed housing two student 20-station computer labs, a consolidated library, additional art room, and several classrooms. This building joins the 6,700 sq. foot elementary building and the 7,000 sq. foot Upper School Building.

     Poetry Community Christian School offers several scholarships each year based upon financial need for those students with prior term honor roll grades utilizing the FACTS Tuition Management Financial Aid & Grant electronic application process

     Enrollment for the upcoming school term begins each January and admissions are ongoing.  Fall classes begin the end of August (see Academic Calendar).  For more information or a tour, call 972-563-PCCS.