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Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a

manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ.” Phil 1:27

Welcome to PCCS, home of the Poetry Pioneers.  The PCCS athletics program is a valuable educational tool in teaching our athletes skills for lifelong success and in helping them grow as Christians.  Thank you for partnering with us for another great year of athletic competition at PCCS! 



  • Above all, to reflect Christ and give glory to God at all times.

  • To exemplify a positive attitude and strong Christian values.

  • To develop Christ-like character, including such qualities as self-control, confidence, loyalty, leadership, discipline, humility, respect, responsibility, teamwork, work ethic, mental toughness, honesty, integrity, initiative, an “others first” attitude.

  • To develop individual and team athletic skills necessary to reach God-given potential.

  • To measure success by performing to the best of the team’s and athlete’s ability.

  • To foster school and community spirit.

  • To provide opportunities to disciple athletes in Christ-likeness.


SPORTSMANSHIP:  Athletes, coaches, fans, and parents are expected to exhibit Christ-like behavior and communications at all times.  That means during practices and games as well as all other times where athletics is pertinent including communications with coaches, referees, fans, opposing team members, between parents, and similar.  Respect, self-control, humbleness and kindness are fruit of the Spirit and part of Sportsmanship. 


COMMUNICATION PROTOCOL: Athletics program success depends upon effective communication.  Due to the nature of athletics, it is expected that athletes and parents may have questions, perceptions that they wish to express, and constructive comments for a coach. Communicating with others, independent of the coach or Athletics Director (AD), can lead to alliance building, disrespect, and misunderstandings.  Athletes, parents, and coaches are required to follow the communications protocols set forth in the PCCS Athletics policy handbook.



  • League Eligibility:  PCCS is a member of TAPPS and CSAF. PCCS is subject to the rules of the league, as revised from time to time by those leagues, for applicable teams.  PCCS Karate is a member of the Christian Soldiers Karate organization; policies for PCCS Karate are found in a separate policy document.  Athletes are subject to league rules and eligibility requirements.

  • Christian Model:  As a PCCS athlete, you represent God and your school.  Your attitude, actions, and academic success are more important than your athletic ability.  Participation in athletics is a privilege not a right.  Each athlete must earn this privilege through dedication, attitude, behavior, and discipline in schoolwork, on the athletic field/court and on/off campus. 

  • "No Pass - No Play" A player is considered in “Good Standing” if he/she is in compliance with the policies and expectations presented in the Athletics policy handbook including paying the Athletics Team Fee, a signed Authorization and Immunization record (or Texas Exemption form)on file, Release to Play as applicable for conditions/injuries, passing classes.



  • Attitude & Behavior

    • Follow school policies--before, during and after practices and games/meets on and off campus.

    • Follow the Athletics policies handbook and instructions given and rules established by your Coaches.

    • Display Christ-like character through words and behavior. 

    • Act and speak respectfully (e.g., to your teachers, Coaches, staff, fellow players, other team, Referees/officials, and spectators) before, during and after practices and games/meets. 

    • Be fair, civil, honest and responsible.

    • Display a good attitude and be positive, not sour. 

    • Not permitted: Bickering, jealousy, bad mouthing others, profanity, taunting, gossiping, excluding others, and the like.

    • Team cheers or chants must be positive and uplifting, not designed to taunt or embarrass the other team or players.

    • Be a good sport. 

    • Follow the athletics dress code for practices and games.

    • Never leaving a practice or game without permission of the Coach.

    • Attendance, as a critical component of team membership, at scheduled practices and games is expected (absences must be approved). 

  • Each member is expected to keep facilities clean and tidy, maintain uniforms, return equipment to its proper place, and dispose of trash properly. 

  • Proper Grooming and Attire:  Personal appearance not only reflects attitudes but those of our school.  Members are expected to exhibit good personal hygiene and grooming, be clean-shaven, deodorant/antiperspirant, and follow the PCCS Dress Code at school and during all practices and before/during/after games.


  • Parents, family members and your guests represent the school.  Your attitudes and actions matter.  

  • Display Christ-like character through words and behavior before, during and after all practices & games/meets.

  • Be fair, civil, honest and responsible.

  • Display a good attitude and be positive, not sour. 

  • Be a good sport. 

  • Team cheers or chants must be positive and uplifting, not designed to taunt or embarrass the other team or players.

  • Congratulations and “Pat on the Back” are encouraged during and after every game…to our team and opposing team.  

  • Act and speak respectfully (e.g., to Coaches, staff, other parents, PCCS players, other teams, Referees/officials, and spectators) before, during and after practices and games/meets. 

  • Make arrangements to have your athlete at practices & games/meets according to the schedule set by the Head Coach (excepting extenuating circumstances—in such case, please notify the Head Coach as soon as possible).

  • Bickering, jealousy, bad mouthing others, profanity, taunting, gossiping are not permitted and undermine the program’s objectives.

  • Bad behavior, including any leading to a reprimand from an Official/referee, will be addressed by the PCCS Administration.

  • Parents, family members and their guests must follow dress modestly and respect the objectives of the PCCS Athletics Program.

  • Do not “coach” from the sidelines, interact with the players, or interfere with the Coach’s or Official/Referee’s authority.



Parents and family members of PCCS athletes ARE the Athletics Booster Club. The PCCS Athletics Booster Club was formed to support the PCCS athletics program, since the Partnership Program is limited to supporting the day to day operational needs of the school (e.g., housekeeping, traffic, lunch monitoring, recess monitoring, teacher/office aides, and the like).  If you have an athlete in your family (this includes electives-only athletes, regular athletes, and any athletes of coaches), then this applied to you!  There is no fee, only Booster Club Service hours based upon the sport. Hours are calculated based upon total number of games scheduled for a particular sport season. 


  • Scheduled (spring semester) to help offset expenses not covered by Athlete Fees, Concessions, or Admissions. 

  • All families with athletes are required to participate, excepting Karate which is self-funded. 


PCCS Athletics

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