Poetry Community Christian School

Est. 2002; Fully Accredited 2006

Academic, Music, Art & Speech Meets

PCCS students compete in various meets hosted by Texas extra-curricular leagues such as Texas Christian Athletics League (TCAL), Christan Schools Athletic Federation (CSAF/TCAF), Texas Association of Private & Parochial Schools (TAPPS), Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), National Junior Forensics League and private or public invitationals.  Student compete in Math, Advanced Math, Science, Spelling, Current Events, Creative Writing, Poetry, Prose, Duet Acting, Oratory, Persuasive Speaking, Ready Writing/Essay, Photography, Painting, One-Act Plays, Weaving, Pottery, and Drawing.  Points towards lettering are awarded annually for participation on this team.
WINNING RECORD: The PCCS Academics, Art and Speech Team record began in 2008 when the team qualified for the NJFL Nationals, taking sweepstakes at the State TCAL Academic & Art meet for the two years in a row, qualifying more than 30 students for the TAPPS State Meet in 2008 and 2009 (11 entries in the Art competition and 21 entries in the Academic and Speech competition of which 13 were State Finalists overall in their division). The team's record continued in 2010 when the school began competing under TCAL at the annual State Meet held in San Antonio. The PCCS team has consistently returned home with placer medals in nearly all academic, speech, music and art categories every year since, including 2nd-4th place school awards for overall points. The team is particularly strong in vocal solo, performing band, interpretive dance, vocal ensemble, all academic categories, color/digital/black & white photography, colored painting, monochromatic drawings, pen & ink drawings, mixed media, general crafts, prose and poetry interpretation, and duet acting.  For elementary competitions, PCCS competes at the ACSI and CSAF meets.

Music & Art 

PCCS students participate weekly in music performance, both vocal and instrumental. Two Praise Bands perform for Chapel before each guest speaker. PCCS students consistently place at the State Fine Arts Meet in Vocal Solo, Vocal Ensemble, Instrumental Solo, Instrumental Ensemble, Choir, Performing Band and Interpretive Dance.  PCCS piano and vocal students also excel each year at the ACSI Music Meet.  Over the years, the PCCS percussion students (Drumline) have been invited to perform for the annual MLK Celebration of Terrell as well as for the Terrell High School Black History Month program and has medaled at the state fine arts meet.  Private guitar lessons (acoustic, electric, bass, mandolin) and private piano lessons are offered on Monday-Thursday afternoons during the 6th and 7th periods and after school. PCCS is proud to send more than 25 entries annually to the ACSI in Dallas and  State Art and Music Meets.

Other Programs...

PCCS is blessed with  many opportunities for students to learn new skills and compete. Beginning in 2016, PCCS will charter its first Cub Scout troup and Venturing Team which is only available to enrolled PCCS students. The Kaufman County 4-H Extension Service welcomes student participation in learning and competing (e.g., the Spring Kaufman County Fair in such categories as art, recycled art, chili cook-off, jewelry, goat showing, and more)!  PCCS has also worked with the Texas Stream Team to study water quality and sample/analyze water from a local tributary to send results to the Texas Stream Team for its longitudinal study.  Over the years, our 4-H liaison has also provided opportunities to prepare for and compete in competitions for robotics, photography, quilting and recycled art. We continue to seek out competition opportunities in any field.

Extra-Curricular - Theatre!

PCCS continues to build its reputation in theatre! The PCCS performance stage is fully equipped with stage curtains, stage lights, pulleys, cables for suspended actors, strobes and sound which enable the PCCS theatre troupe to offer sophisticated high-quality productions.
     >>A Fairy Tale Fiasco (Spring 2017), an original script written by a PCCS graduate incorporates a handful of fairy tales in creative and entertaining ways...costuming goes above and beyond with the more than 60+ cast members/crew, 2nd grade - 12th grade, all with a Fairy Godmother suspended over the actors when things get out of hand! 
     >>Scrooge Renewed--A Christian Christmas Carol (Christmas 2015), a Dickens adaptation, included period-authenic costumes and many special effects including Marley Ghost and Spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future floating in on cables.  The production included 40+ cast and crew from 4th-12th grade, including a 1st grader who played Tiny Tim.
     >>Charlotte's Web (Spring 2015), a script adapted from the popular book by one of our PCCS graduates majoring in Creative Writing.  More than 30 actors in the cast (ages 5-18) and stage crew...fantastic costumes and sets with Charlotte hanging and moving on her web at the top of the stage.
     >>Cradle to Cross (Easter 2014), a script written by one of our directors that captures the impact of Jesus' life from birth through resurrection with a cast, crew and costume team of students from 4th grade through high school.
     >>Mystery in the Kingdom Musical Theatre (Spring 2013), a script written by a PCCS high school student, for a cast and crew of more than 40 students.
     >>Little Women - The Musical (Spring 2012) with authentic custom-tailored costumes and original score.
     >>Peter Pan - The Musical (Spring 2011), a musical production with original score by Megan McKenzie and a cast and crew of 35 2nd-12th grade students with a flying Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. More than 600 tickets were sold with standing room only.
     >>Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - The Musical (Spring 2010), another 90-minute musical with more than 40 cast members, including 2nd and 3rd graders as Oompah Loompahs and 7th-12th graders. More than 600 attended this fabulous production -- the first full-cast musical theatre production performed at PCCS. A one-act cutting of this production competed at TCAL State and won 2nd place.
     >>Christmas productionsSeussified Christmas Carol (December 2011), an elementary production of Seuss characters; Christmas in Egypt (December 2010) an elementary musical theatre production; Scrooge Renewed, adapted as a Readers Theatre with an elementary and high school cast with full sound effects; and It's a Wonderful Life, another Readers' Theatre production of a family favorite.

Drama offerings may be found on the PCCS afternoon schedule (see Academics tab for a sample schedule) and have theatre production rehearsals as well as One-Act Plays, Skits & Stories for lower Elementary students, Drama Team, and Shakespeare in the Park, offering outdoor Shakespeare productions (e.g., A Midsummer Night's Dream). Additional performance opportunities occur at the school's annual Christmas Program and May Fiesta Program.